Our Story

You know how you have a list of when I grow up I want to…

Well one of Larry’s biggest dreams after college was to be able to own a machine of his own, so he could “make cool things.” If you mix that with his love to customize any and all things metal with simple, neat, and clean designs. Plus, a childhood in the outdoors and hunting whit his family Larry came up with the idea of JL Machining.

At JL Machining Works we are always interested in new designs and helping customers with taking their ideas to the next level. Our goal is to offer great customer service and provide quality work at a fair price.

As we like to say, come as customers, leave as friends!

Taking Your Ideas to the Next Level

Our capabilities are small production runs, custom one off parts, prototyping, milling and coating work. We provide excellent quality and professional service to every customer regardless of job size. We have vast experience in difference industries and know what it takes to make your products the best in market. With our experience and eye for quality we can guarantee you are going to have the best set up around.

If you have more queries about our capabilities and product offerings please reach out to us and we can give you a custom quote for your project.

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